Buy Hotmail Accounts

Buy Hotmail accounts

Everybody wants the easiest and simplest ways to communicate with others. So social media has solved this issue. Now people easily contact each other in every place in the world. Today everyone remains to connect with other people with the help of social media. There are many social media networking sites that can help a lot with human beings. But the major services of social media are a lot of numbers of email services which are using a lot in the whole world and Buy Hotmail accounts because today’s nobody can deny the importance of email services.

There are many email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hushmail but the Hotmail is best free email service that is using all over the world in different languages. This service can be used for personal as well as business purposes. Most people buy Hotmail/outlook emails for promoting their business. Hotmail is the best to email service if it compares with other email services.

What is Hotmail?

Nowadays there are many email services which are fulfilling the needs of human beings in personal and business life. But Hotmail is a first free email service which is launched in 1997 by Microsoft. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith are the creators of Hotmail.

In August 2012, Microsoft has upgrade Hotmail and change its name by Outlook, and today all the Hotmail accounts are working as Outlook. So Microsoft has announced that all the Hotmail accounts are automatically changed to Outlook and all the accounts can be used properly.

Hotmail is the best and perfect email service that can fulfill all the requirements of users. It is a free email service due to which it is using in all over the world and its popularity is also increasing day by day in the whole world. If you want to send or receive short documents, files, and email messages then it is the best platform that can be used for everyone in the world.

Features of Hotmail

Hotmail is the best free email service which was provided by Microsoft launched in 1997 by Sameer Bhatia and jack smith. If you want to send email messages, documents and files then the first choice will be the Hotmail. The best features of Hotmail makes it the best using a free email service. Today, if anyone wants to manage his business on the social market then it is important to him to use the best free email service Hotmail. Here are some important features of Hotmail which can make it the best free email service in social marketing.


Security is the main feature of Hotmail. There are no other free email services that are much secure like it because in Hotmail A level security system is launched in it. Firstly the A level security system was just in logging in which help to avoid phishing attacks. But today’s this security system is in the whole service which makes it fully secure.

The facility of view, edit, and share office documents

It is the best and amazing feature of Hotmail. Because you can easily view, edit and share office documents with the help of free Microsoft office web apps and there is no need to download it on your desktop for these facilities. So these documents are present in the Hotmail cloud so it is not necessary to use your own computer or any other. So you can avail of these facilities anywhere and anytime in the world.

With the help of an office web app, you can easily edit and view your presentation. And if you have the facility of SkyDrive then these changes automatically be saved or you cal also save these changes. Without the installation office, you can also get the benefits of the slideshow on your desktop.

Real-time document collaboration

If you and your partner want to work on the same documents at a single time then it is so simple and easy.

For this purpose, you should select a file which will be in the SkyDrive of the sender documents, you should view it online. If you want to see how much people are editing that file, you can check it through the lower right-hand corner. You can easily know how much people edit and change this document.

The facility of edit and reply

If anyone sends you any document to make a change in it and resend it, then it is very easy. You should download it on your computer and get a change in it as required and resend it.

If you adopt this method, you should need some extra time. But the Hotmail introduces a new and amazing feature through that you can easily edit the document online and send it again.

Send large files

If you want to send a huge capacity of a document through Hotmail, then it is possible to send about 10 GB file in time with the help of Hotmail Skydrive. It also offers you to use 25 GB free capacity. If anyone sends you a large capacity document then you should receive its link and when you click on that link your document will be open. The amazing thing in it is that there is no need skydive to download it.

Send and view images

If you want to send pictures through email then it is easy and simple because Hotmail gives you permission to send a large number of pictures to any email address. There will be a photo button between documents and attachments which will be used to send images. All those pictures which you want to send will upload to SkyDrive and the receiver will receive these images in the shape of the link. If you want to send more pictures then buy Hotmail/outlook accounts in bulk.  These pictures can be seen in the slideshow and it is easy to download these pictures and the most important thing is that you can comment on these pictures.


Sometimes you have received a lot of numbers of email and it is difficult to search a specific email then Hotmail has solved this issue. The new version of Hotmail has introduced the filter feature through that you can easily search any important email with no time. Through this feature, you can easily filter the email according to their groups like regularly email contacts, groups, and many others.

There are many other features of Hotmail through those it is known best free email service. So about 400 million active users are using this amazing service and getting benefit from it.

Advantages of Hotmail

There are many email services in the world that are using in every country. So it is very difficult to compare for Hotmail against its competitors. Although Microsoft has worked hard and upgraded the Hotmail from time to time and todays mostly people are using Hotmail to fulfill their requirements and also gaining useful advantages from it. Here are some major advantages of Hotmail which are making it the best free email service in the world.

Personal folders

Hotmail allows its users to make personal folders in which they can easily save their important and personal documents and there is no fear of leaking personal information.

Connect with Facebook chat.

Hotmail gives the facility to its users of chatting with Facebook friends. You can only chat with those who are added to your Facebook friend list.

Social linked

With the help of Hotmail, you can remain connected with other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. It also helps to send notifications of some important events like birthdays, training time, and many others also.

Fewer ads

When you are using a Gmail account then there should appear unwanted and useless ads that can disturb the users. But when you are using the Hotmail then there will be no tension of ads appearing and you can feel easy and can get the real benefits of using Hotmail accounts.

To create other social media accounts

You can create other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some other accounts with the help of Hotmail accounts. When you enter your Hotmail email address instead of phone number and it is also easy to recover the account if it is blocked through verification.

There are also more benefits due to which it is using in all over the world and it is also a free email service with high free high storage capacity so it can be used in many sectors of life whether it is personal or business.

Buy Hotmail/outlook PVA accounts

PVA stands for phone verified account and PVA Hotmail accounts are those accounts which are verified by authentic and real phone numbers at the time of creating. These accounts are safe and secure rather than other accounts like non-PVA accounts. These accounts can be used all over the world. Most companies choose PVA Hotmail accounts for their business. Because these accounts can be useful for business purposes and unfortunately these accounts blocked or disabled then these can be easily recovered through verification.

These accounts are considered cheaper, well used, and aged if it compares with other accounts. Non-PVA accounts cannot be used from one country to another country but PVA accounts can be used in every place of the world. Due to these features of PVA accounts, most companies depend on these accounts. These accounts can be used for both business and personal purposes and no one can ignore the significance of these accounts.

Hotmail accounts for sale

When people want to manage their business on social marketing, they always look for Hotmail accounts for sale.  Because if you want to run your business on social marketing then it is necessary to get help to buy old Hotmail/outlook accounts. Hotmail accounts can be very useful for your online business. You should buy Hotmail accounts from that company which has a great name in dealing with Hotmail accounts. If you are looking for Hotmail accounts for sale then we offer you to visit our company.

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